About Us

The Logistics Guild has grown up as an independent organisation run by a group of people that will always have the focus of individual Members at its heart.

We care about making our industry more productive, and aim to help our Members by offering a fantastic range of benefits to save money for you, your family, and your business. We’re also encouraging employers to invest in benefits that increase member engagement at work, too. 

The Logistics Guild.  Supporting ‘Life on the move,’ at work and at home.”

Paul Brooks
The Logistics Guild

Our Values

We want the Guild to be something you trust and use regularly. Here are our values:
  • The Guild will be open and transparent for individual Member benefit

  • We encourage employers to make more benefits available to all employees

  • We won’t sell your details to third parties

  • You will never receive mails from third parties, only from us

  • We won’t share trusted confidential information from Members with employers 

  • We will promote professional high quality at all times