At Ardenia we like to work with businesses that we believe can make a difference. We already work with over 10,000 small businesses as well as working with some of the UK’s largest companies, we also want to make a difference to every customer we work with.
This combined passion to get the best value for our customers has led us to team up with Fidelity Energy. When we looked at how much companies could save by just gaining a no obligation quote from Fidelity Energy we were truly amazed!

The team really understood what our potential customers were trying to do and then met their needs in a big way: quickly, efficiently, effectively and well backed up.
They talked to us about making a difference, with us, for every customer; we gave them that challenge and they have met it every time so far.
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At Ardenia we check everything; we want our customers to have the best, that’s why we are emailing you via our partners Apprentice Supermarket today. Andrew and the team work to get young people jobs and we work with them to help in this endeavour. 10% of everything raised goes direct to a charitable cause and we like to help community programmes that are working hard to promote and support opportunities for the communities in which we work (we are aiming to make a difference in over 50 towns across the UK).

Complete the enquiry form below and we will call you back and talk you through the process of obtaining your quote (remember there is no obligation to buy and we won’t hassle you – we’re here to help!). Alternatively give us a call on the number below and we would be happy to help.

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