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Experiential learning in a risk free environment

Almost uniquely amongst training providers, Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA) uses experiential learning as its medium for developing Students and taking them through all of the courses and programmes offered.

Who is LLA?

Founded in 2004, LLA’s professional development team is a group of supply chain and logistics practitioners, with a wealth of experience across different sectors and who are passionate about professional development within our industry. 

For bespoke face-to-face or blended learning programmes we only use our in-house team for programme delivery but can draw on the expertise of our very experienced external team for assistance.  The externals coach many of our online learning students. They also have�� But whatever the process of learning, the student experience is the same. 

What is experiential learning?

Experiential Learning is an active process which engages the learner.

The learning is driven by the needs of the learner who is encouraged to explore different ways of thinking.

This process of challenge and reinforcement allows the students to more effectively retain the knowledge than conventional learning methods and also to look at issues in a new light.

How does LLA do this?

Through SCILworld, our simulated business environment that allows us to put the learner into a work-placed setting, in a role that is applicable to their course of study.  We induct them into the company environment as we would any other employee and then set them a series of assignments in their area of study.  These assignments are designed to bring out their experience where they have it but also, through the learning materials and their own research, to provide additional knowledge and ideas for them to try out in a highly inter-active, realistic but risk-free environment.

Does it work?

Our experience of working with students shows that this is a rewarding and successful method of study.  For our typical student, someone who has been employed in the sector for a number of years and who now wants to progress within it, this is an ideal process.  They can demonstrate their current competence and develop it, as well as face new challenges in a risk-free environment. They improve their own working practices and can also benefit  the organisation by bringing in new ideas. 

It was for this successful process of learning, used in the humanitarian sector, that LLA was part of the winning partnership awarded the European Supply Chain Award for Excellence in 2011 and was selected as a finalist for the Training award in the UKWA 2015 Awards.

Please see the student testimonial below

Awarding organisations

LLA is an Approved Centre for the delivery of Qualifications from the following Awarding Organisations:

  • Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport – Levels 2 – 6

  • Institute of Supply Chain Management – levels 2 -6

  • Open Awards ����� Level 3 and 5

Who LLA has helped with professional development

Just some of the companies that LLA has worked with:

BAT, Tesco, Argos, Smith and Nephew, Caterpillar, Nissan, Fuji Film, Oxfam, Save the Children, Beiersdorf, Variohm, Brakes Food Services

How to get this course

If you are not a Logistics Guild Member, just Sign up – it’s free – and you’ll be able to get this benefit straightaway.

Student Testimonial

I am currently studying towards a Diploma Level 5 in Logistics and Transport Management.  I reviewed and found the content of the course of interest and relevant to my job role and the direction I wish to take my career.  I am currently a Customer Service Advisor and also have involvement in factory planning.  I wish to develop my skills and knowledge to work towards Customer Service and Supply Chain Management roles.

I choose to partake in the course through the Logistics Learning Alliance as I could study at home at my own pace, yet in a structured bite sized manner; without the need to sit daunting final exams.  I find that I learn in a way that has purpose.  It is fun relating the answers to the ‘imaginary’ company SCIL plc. I feel that it allows me to build a real picture and put the learning in to context as you are actually applying answers to information based on scenarios set within the SCIL plc. I have then found that I can apply the ideas learnt, and use ideas from my own business, warehouse, factory and supply chain to complete assignments.   Each assignment builds on knowledge previously learnt through past assignments. I feel the ability to apply the knowledge practically through SCIL plc really deepens and strengthens the new information in to the mind.

The tutor I have had is great, responding to my assignments via email in good time, and is always there to offer support and guidance to keep me going in the right direction.  I feel confident to ask questions no matter how large or small without feeling uncomfortable. 

All in all from my personal experience I have found it a great way to enhance my career through relevant learning in a way that can suit a busy working lifestyle, by doing manageable sized assignments to build a portfolio of assignments and therefore knowledge.

Sam Godfrey, CILT Level 5 Professional Diploma Student, August 2015