Researching the views of our Members and their Employers
on benefits, training and careers

The logistics industry is at the heart of the UK economy. There are key business areas and supporting sectors (such as industrial and retail) that offer a huge range of opportunity. The UK government sees a £93Bn sector that drives the physical economy as well as getting people to work and home again! The Logistics Guild has worked with Skills for Logistics in establishing a range of credible statistics that have allowed employers to make investments in skills development with knowledge of a certain positive return.

The Guild aims to remain at the forefront of this research; commissioning independent and hard-hitting reviews of both employer and membership opinion; detailed ‘how to’ guides for ‘getting into logistics’ as well as case studies and role ambassadors around likely career pathways for Members to follow. As the champion for ALL, The Logistics Guild will leave no-one out in a search for valuable industry knowledge.