An Employer offer
for increased business performance

The Logistics Guild is a free to join membership organisation for individuals working or studying in logistics.  They can join the Guild and receive career help and enjoy great benefits for free.
However, as an employer, you can help them enjoy MORE benefits and BETTER discounts by subscribing to our Enhanced Benefits Package.
Each employee could easily save over £500 per year!

The Logistics Guild…

  • can raise productivity via greater employee engagement

  • is a charitable endeavour

  • can save your staff money with our benefits package

  • can complement your existing benefits providers

What is the Enhanced Benefits Package?

The Enhanced Benefits Package is a unique way of offering a personalised level of benefits to logistics businesses, and is particularly valuable for engaging employees in small to medium size organisations (usually less than 250 staff).

The package has additional benefits that your employees will receive over and above the benefits an employee can enjoy as an individual Member.

It is our intention to keep adding products to the Enhanced Benefits Package; some of these are shown below as “coming soon.”  Our aim is to help your employees to take full advantage of all the benefits with the help of a very simple implementation which will be personalised to promote this initiative on behalf of your company.

Why is this good for Employers?

Offering great benefits to your staff will promote increased employee engagement and staff loyalty, enhance your business and improve the lives of your team.

Much research has taken place into the drivers of employee engagement, and the positive impact this has on increasing productivity whilst reducing sickness and absenteeism. *  Giving these benefits to your staff, and being seen to do so, underlines your commitment to them.

How much can your employees save?

Here’s an example of some of the savings you could make in a year.

7% discount at over 50 retailers £84 Spend £100 per month with card
3% off at Sainsbury’s £125 Savings on £80 weekly shop
Lowest corporate gym deals £40 Typical 10% of membership fees
Save 5% on car hire £10 1 weeks car hire @ £200
Save up to 50% eating locally £180 £15 saving once a month
Save 20% on car servicing £32 Based on 20% on a £160 service
50% off UK Breakdown cover £71 Savings compared to average of Green Flag, AA and RAC for same service
Cinema Discounts £90 Family trip to Cineworld every 2 months
Save on spending abroad £25 No fees on ATM or FX
Discounted family trips £86 Savings for family trip to Thorpe Park and Legoland compared to online prices
Total Estimated Savings £743

How do I get the Enhanced Benefits Package?

Just complete our “Request a proposal” form  and we’ll explain the very simple process to enable your employees to start enjoying these benefits.

What else can the Logistics Guild do for my business?

This month, we will be launching several new initiatives for logistics employers.

1)    Discounts on training courses for your employees

We are helping our Members connect with training providers, local colleges
and universities to gain the qualifications that they need.  For employers that have the Enhanced Benefits Package, we will be giving significantly discounts on training courses.  For example, with the Logistics Learning Alliance, we have agreed a 30% discount on training courses.

2)    A flexible health and wellbeing programme for your employees

We are partnering with Wellness London, a team of health and wellbeing experts who focus on these three areas:


Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.53.50


For more information, click on our Wellbeing page now!

* Companies with high and sustainable engagement levels had an average 1 year operating margin that was close to 3 times higher than those with lower engagement’ – Towers Watson 2012.
Average sick days per year for engaged staff – 2.19; for disengaged staff – 6.19 – CBI 2012