Healthy Employees = Healthy business

A healthy body and mind are the foundations of success in the workplace

So what can we do for the wellbeing of your employees?

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How? A tailored programme with our partners at Wellness London

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Get MORE done with LESS stress!

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Getting tangible tools for improving productivity – loved the white board and pomodoro. “

“Focussed, grateful, energised. Looking forward to implementation.���

“Energised and empowered, more grateful, determined to get my plans together!”

“Inspired to make changes for the better. That change is do-able, will be able to re-gain control. “

Diabetes testing for drivers

Press Release

November 16th, 2015

The Logistics Guild and Connect Health Solutions launch initiative to tackle risk of diabetes on the roads

More information on this diabetes product can be found here
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Employer Wellness Blog

Enjoy the humour and insight of these topical wellness articles for employers, written by our expert partners at Wellness London.

How Corporate Wellness solves key HR challenges

How 360 degrees of wellness can reduce the challenges HR leaders are currently facing.……

Is exercise the alternative to managing stress in the workplace?

It might sound a borderline tenuous link, but research is clearly showing that one method of reducing stress in the workplace is by supporting employees to get moving!……

The Sense Model – Improving Brain Fitness

By investing a small amount of time and effort you can enjoy improved brain health and function.……

Working “Well”

Creating Employer and Employee Harmony……

The State of the industry

How do you fight disengagement, absenteeism, increase employee empowerment and improve employee health and wellbeing? Someone in your organisation better know, after all it’s a multi billion-dollar industry!

The Graveyard Shift

Are you aware of the toll that working while the world sleeps, can take on your health? Night shift workers live in a constant state of jet lag!

We also have self-help ideas for your employees

Employee Wellness Blog


The new word in town: one that many can relate too. It describes the feeling some of us experience even thinking about exercise…

Food Fads

Food Fads: How to eat – Any benefit to products, or just clever marketing?

Going to the gym?

Not going to the gym?

Then take a look at this great selection of workouts you can do in your own home.